Volumech Consolidates U.K. Depots; Cemen Tech Establishes European Headquarters

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Volumech Consolidates U.K. Depots; Cemen Tech Establishes European Headquarters

Wednesbury, United Kingdom. 3 October 2023: In a significant move emphasizing their commitment to better serve the U.K. and Ireland markets, Volumech unveils its new central headquarters in Wednesbury, West Midlands. As Cemen Tech’s exclusive dealer for its world’s bestselling volumetric concrete mixers, Volumech has fortified its position to deliver top-tier on-site services including volumetric calibration, inspections, concrete mix design setups, repairs, quality management support, concrete sampling, and testing.

The consolidated setup will provide customers with a centralized point of service and support, ensuring swifter response times and higher levels of service. “Our decision to consolidate is a direct response to the evolving needs of our market and the dynamic landscape of our industry,” commented Volumech Country Manager Brandon Hess. “By streamlining our operations, we are better positioned to serve our customers across the U.K. and beyond.”

Connor Deering, President and CEO of Cemen Tech, remarked on this expansion, “This pivotal expansion mirrors the escalating growth of volumetric mixers in the U.K., across Europe and highlights Cemen Tech’s dedication to our valued customers in this continually growing market.”

Volumech and Cemen Tech’s combined expertise fosters enduring customer relationships underpinned by innovative technology, customizable product solutions, and unparalleled support. The unwavering commitment of Volumech’s dedicated workforce plays a crucial role in advancing this legacy, ensuring every volumetric mixer not only meets but exceeds client expectations.

In addition to serving as Volumech’s headquarters, the Wednesbury facility will act as the European headquarters for Cemen Tech, further bridging the gap and offering factory-level support to its expanding European clientele.  “We see significant potential for volumetric mixer technology throughout Europe,” states Deering,”The Wednesbury facility will allow us to expand our presence and focus on key markets looking to utilize this technology to increase their efficiency and reduce their material costs.”


About Volumech

Volumech, a Cemen Tech Company, is the only source in the UK for Genuine Cemen Tech parts as well as new Cemen Tech mixers. In addition to support services, Volumech provides Technical Services which include volumetric calibration, concrete mix designs, sampling & testing, technical consultancy, and quality management systems. Volumech also provides aftermarket replacement parts which meet or exceed OEM standards for several makes of mixers as well as on-site service and mixer refurbishments. www.Volumech.co.uk

About Cemen Tech Inc.

Cemen Tech, Inc. has over 50 years manufacturing and engineering experience in the volumetric mixing industry. As the industry leader, the company strives to provide the highest quality concrete mixers to its customers. Cemen Tech equipment currently operates in over 70 countries, services mixers across the globe, and supplies equipment to the United States military. Cemen Tech believes that people, businesses, and communities around the world should have the infrastructure to access clean water, to transport goods and services, and to obtain reliable housing. Their products provide the foundation and stability to meet the needs of a growing world in an environmentally conscious way. www.CemenTech.com

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