Cemen Tech C Series

The C Series is the most advanced, on-demand mobile concrete mixer on the global market today. Cutting-edge technology includes our volumetric process, digital controls and readouts, optional color system, and more.
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Mixer made from advanced high-strength steel to maximise payload.

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Electronic control panel allows for the ability to start and stop pouring with one button.

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Most tested volumetric mixer in the history of the industry.

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Five years of demonstrated performance. Field-tested. Customer approved.

C Series
In The Field

Benefits Of Using The C Series Volumetric Mixer

Backed by Cemen Tech’s Performance Guarantee, Cemen Tech CONNECT, Genuine Cemen Tech parts and a team of local experts to keep your mixer pouring.
The ACCU-POUR™ suite of solutions provide a complete view of your business operations. Blend the big picture together with everyday details and gain complete control over your business.

The driver can set gate controls, push one button, and pour. The mixer has accountability to itself through advanced technology and engineering.

Pre-programmed mix designs take the need out of having concrete experts on staff. Information is stored electronically for each job and mix to continually improve productivity, profits, and lower costs.

Safety conscious design throughout the mixer to ensure the operator works safely through their shift.

Control Your Business

ACCU-POUR™ is Cemen Tech’s proprietary, advanced technology suite with a one-touch control system. Simply select the mix design you need and the system auto adjusts to the correct mix. Pre-load unlimited mix designs so you’re always ready for any job.


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